In this issue, we would like to report on the C.T.plage 2024 AW EXHIBITION held in PARIS in February.

Attention to Venue and Layout

24AW COLLECTION was held at a gallery located between RUE DE TURENNE and Merci around the corner in the Marais district. VMD was done by @swell_inc, who also helped us with our last POPUP in Marais, and they put our logo and text sheets on the big window.
The installation was created by connecting the yarn cones used to make the samples with the samples hanging from the ceiling, which gave the audience a sense of the craftsmanship that goes into making a product from yarn.

Testimonials from visitors

The exhibition hall looked like a store on the street, and the layout was carefully designed so that it was better than a joint exhibition! Many people came in mistaking it for a store, and we even showed them the online site of C.T.plage.

Many people picked up our regular Raccoon fabrics, original light wool fabrics, and accessories,
Also, many people seemed to pick up the products hanging in the installation.

aperitif time

The aperitif time in the evening, which is becoming a regular event, was a great opportunity for customers and agents from France and Italy to enjoy casual conversation, which is different from the usual business meetings,
We enjoyed casual conversation with @uinolosca and other Japanese related parties, which was different from the usual business meetings.
The homemade pie made by the sister of the French agent owner was very delicious.

Many people came to the exhibition wearing old items, and the owner of the gallery loves C.T.plage and wears it with elbow patches because of the holes on his elbows,
We were able to learn once again that everyone is taking good care of their C.T.plage knitwear and using it for a long time.
We were able to know once again how much you cherish and use your C.T.plage knitwear for a long time, and we had a wonderful time at the exhibition.

We hope you will also look forward to the start of EC sales of 24AW items that were well received at the exhibition.

ABOUT C.T.plage

In 2007 S/S, we started our brand in Japan with the concept of “casual but presentable knitwear”.
We held an exhibition in Paris in 2007 A/W and started selling our products to stores both in Japan and abroad.
Currently, the brand is sold at stores in more than 20 countries, mainly in Europe and Japan.

C.T.plage pursues not only the design but also the essence of the products. We are particular about patterns and production processes that take advantage of the characteristics of the materials, and the development of original materials to create simple yet comfortable designs.