C.T.plage Linen&Cottonlinen

This material is made by a Japanese manufacturer and uses yarn spun in Japan from the highest quality French linen.

The material does not tingle when worn on bare skin, and has a light, cool feel. It is made with a technique called "water twisting," in which the yarn is twisted while being soaked in water, resulting in a material with little fluff and a beautiful linen sheen that is resistant to streaking.

It is hand-washable, so you can take care of it at home.

Target item

Linen 2way pullover

Linen 2way stole

Linen tank top

Linen crew neck pullover

Linen v-neck long pullover

Linen half sleeve pullover

Linen middle gauge pullover

Linen crew neck cardigan

Linen 2way dress

Made of linen and cotton blended with recycled polyester CiCLO, a sustainable material. It is also hand-washable, so you can take care of it at home!

Target item

Cotton linen pattern cardigan

Linen 2way stole

Cotton linen tank

Cotton linen cable-knit pullover