C.T.plage About Raccoon

C.T.plage's raccoon isThe raccoon hair is obtained by brushing the hair of the raccoon, and is a material from a manufacturer that has obtained the ICCAW certification, which is kind to both the animal and the environment.
The material is precious and can only be obtained in limited quantities,
The limited items are made in limited quantities, and the proper quantity is arranged more than a year in advance every year.

Raccoon features a very lightweight yet warm material!
Because it is a lightweight material, tops and vests are comfortable to wear under outerwear,Cardigans and other items are not heavy, so they are easy to carry.
Long cardigans and dresses, which tend to be heavy, are also light and easy to wear.
Room socks, arm warmers, and beanies are not only lightweight and warm, but also come in a variety of bright colors to coordinate with your mood.
The bright colors are also attractive, so you can enjoy coordinating them according to your mood.