C.T.plage popup report paris23


We held an exhibition and POPUPSHOP ARCHIVES at a gallery in the Marais. In this issue, we would like to report on the setup of the venue, the opening, the exhibition, and the events that took place during the exhibition.

Start with a simple appearance.
C.T.plage logo on the window.
The PARIS POPUP was also done by @swell_inc, who was in charge of VMD for the POPUP at Hankyu.

The logo and the text sheet made it look great all at once!

Also this time, we always ask for the help of
We are grateful for the cooperation of the French fixtures company, which we always ask for.

They are a group of professionals who always arrive on time or, if you prefer, before the scheduled time.

Thank you very much for all your help.

Thanks to everyone's cooperation, the layout of the venue has turned out beautifully.
Now it's time to open the doors.

We saw your Instagram! We had a lot of visitors.

STAFF includes Celine, who has joined Team C.T.plage for the first time this year.
She has been with us for more than 10 years.
She is a reliable person who understands C.T.plage very well.

Rie (@rie_paris28), who lives in France, also joined us as a storefront staff member.

A product introduction video is available on the official Instagram.
C.T.plage Instagram

Please check it out!

We had an aperitif time on 9/28 🥂 The hospitality was provided by donmerci. The lotus root chips were delicious! (by C.T.plage designer)

As well as general customers,
French jewelry brands and people who work as writers and coordinators in France,
American agents who had just arrived also came,
It was a very enjoyable time.

We would like to create more opportunities for people to experience C.T.plage products in the future.

We are planning to hold an event in Tokyo in November.
Details will be announced on Instagram as needed,
Please check it out.

about C.T.plage

In 2007 S/S, the brand was launched in Japan with the concept of "casual knitwear with a strong presence. The brand started in Japan in 2007 S/S with the concept of "knitwear that is casual but has a sense of presence". Currently, the brand is sold at stores in more than 20 countries, mainly in Europe and Japan.

C.T.plage pursues not only design but also the essence of its products, focusing on patterns and production processes that take advantage of the characteristics of materials and the development of original materials to create simple yet comfortable designs.

View of Paris