ABOUT C.T.plage

C.T.plage was established in 2007 and its first items were released for S/S 2007 with the concept of “simple, but with a strong presence”.
C.T.plage participated in an exhibition in Paris for 2007 A/W for first time and has continued joining exhibitions regularly. Since that time, C.T.plage has started sales in retails in Japan and overseas and expanded its market areas.
Since 2015, CTA Co., Ltd head office has provided its best products to clients in Japan and CTA Paris branch has been served other region customers.
As of 2016, C.T.plage is expanding its market into more

SUWA Naomi & KANAYA Mikako

Both Naomi & Mikako have been involved in knit designs and plannings in the knit industries in Japan for many years.
Naomi & Mikako have innovated and developed not only the designs but also the patterns and manufacturing processes based on each material’s distinctive quality in order to pursue the true nature of the products. The diversity of their activities keeps driving their creations to be simple but comfortable designs.